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Lothario Chronicles

So … some ladies and I were talking about sims and one sim in particular kept coming up: Don Lothario. Who made quite a splash with folks in The Sims 2 … and it looks like through some miracle (or some form of revenge), Don has shown up in The Sims 3. So as we began talking, an interesting idea came up.

What if we started a challenge starring none other than Don Lothario – the Casanova Kid himself? And then … we all wondered exactly HOW we would play him, and someone came up with this:

Inspired by DebC’s Slutty Don. 🙂

This will be a founders challenge type thing starring our own Slutty Don.

1. Everyone begins with Slutty Don.
2. See how many women he can knock up before he dies.
3. When Don reaches elder choose a son to carry on the Lothario name and have Don teach him everything he knows.

So armed with these general rules, we sallied forth!

Intro Ch-1 Ch-2 Ch-3 Ch-4

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