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Posted by LaydeeDragon on June 7, 2010

He should have known that burning his Mac ‘n’ Cheese prior to the cab coming to pick him up for his flight to France would be the harbinger of worse things to come …

but … Don Lothario was nothing if not level-headed. He didn’t really believe in that sort of hokey nonsense. Unfortunately, the proof was in the pudding …

Or in his case, in his Romancing Mojo. Everything seemed fine up until the point where he tried to take things to the next level with this plump piece of deliciousness.

But she wasn’t having any of it!

The closer he leaned in, the further she would pull away. It was very disheartening to his manhood. Did the teleportation device his exes shoved him in cause some weird scrambling of his molecular makeup so that he was no longer the same sim he was back in Pleasantview? Again … a question for the Curious Brothers.

Instead, Don decided that he would persist. He was nothing if not persistent. He decided to start slowly by talking about mundane, everyday things (like the weather).

Before progressing into more personally intimate details – like finding out if this whole-lotta-woman was single (or if he could persuade her to leave the loser she’s seeing).

It made things easier for Don to know that this one was at least single.

The fewer complications – the better! She did seem overly ecstatic that Don seemed to show more than a passing interest in her. And why shouldn’t he? He loved women in all shapes and sizes. The way he figured it – there was more to nibble on.

If Don were the superstitious type, he would have started to get majorly concerned. He figured that while he was in France, he could work on his book. Why? Well, he had an opportunity to give a piece of written by him

He didn’t count on the crappy French technology crashing and burning on him. =__=

But with a bit of luck (his handiness was not very high) and no small amount of persistence, he fixed the damn thing. When he started raking in the dough, a laptop was number one on his list of things to buy for himself (besides a new home that he wouldn’t be ashamed to bring women back to).

So he was able to finish his novel and get it to his contact in France. This earned him a nice bit of cash as well. He would have to look into getting a laptop when he got back home. He’d probably be able to afford that a lot sooner than a new home … maybe.

And Time Lust was projected to do very well on the Best Selling list as well. Who knew Erotic Fiction was so popular?!

Don was pleased that money was starting to roll in (especially considering the job he had back at home). He didn’t want to be so poor that he was forced to begged for food. If it was one thing a Lothario did NOT do, it was beg (not for food anyway).

His three days in France were spent doing mostly mundane things – wandering about the town square for example.

Catching butterflies.

Catching women … or rather ATTEMPTING to catch women … ^__^;

But he also took advantage of some of the tourist adventure opportunities. Apparently the travel guide said that it was a way to immerse oneself in the French culture. This was NOT the kind of immersion Don had in mind … especially if they were rigged with a nasty surprise.

Like emaciated dead bodies … X__x …

But that didn’t stop him from experience the whole thing – like searching for secret doors …

… or sleeping in a tent … on the hard, cold ground so as better to seek and find whatever item he was sent to find.

Of course, Don really only wanted one thing. It was the thing that all Romance-minded sims wanted – as much loving as simly possible. Persistence was Don’s greatest asset … and he hoped that it would start working for him … SOON! =__=

3 Responses to “LC-Ch3”

  1. Ruby said

    Poor Don. Still striking out with the ladies! Bah! get it together, you’re a Lothario for cripes sakes!

  2. Jen said

    Heehee…I had to go back and read the other installments, too — I missed them the first time around! Wow, I can’t believe Don hit on Ma Bagley…whatever came of that? Maybe I don’t want to know!

    His novel was added to a hallowed collection? And he’s only at level 4 in the Writing skill? Go Don! He must be pretty good at that erotica stuff. Ahem.

    It’s funny how the one plump lady kept turning him down. She must be Unflirty!

    I can’t wait to see what you do with Don now that Ambitions is out!

  3. Magic said

    He’s like my kids…gotta touch EVERYTHING! lol I’m beginning to think he’s right..that his brain is all scrambled up from the teleporting and its effecting his mojo. hehe

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