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Posted by LaydeeDragon on February 9, 2010

It was a new day and Don Lothario sat at his modest (very modest dining room table (if you could deign to call the room a dining room … it was more like a dining area) consuming a hearty breakfast of waffles.

It being a new day, Don felt like the slate of yesterday’s abysmal failures had been wiped clean. It was time for him to start his day fresh … with no mistakes in it. He was an accomplished Lothario. Today was the day that he would prove it – not to the world and not even to himself. For he knew he was a Lothario, knew it with every fiber of his being. He would not fail.

First agenda item: Find out what was going on in Riverview. Immersing oneself in the community was a great way to meet the ladies (and the numb-nuts he would probably end up luring the ladies away from).

Second agenda item: Get a job. If it was one thing that men were mistaken on, it was the belief that a woman would love them no matter what … even if they didn’t have a job. That was a lie. Women wanted a man who could take care of them. Women wanted a man who could buy them things. Women wanted a man who could be monetarily independent from them so they didn’t end up being some sort of mother-substitute. Granted … working in a cemetery wasn’t the kind of job that would make simoleons flow in, but … it was a starting point. He’d only been in Riverview for a few days and wasn’t quite sure what the best angle (on the job front) to play was.

Oh! And a bonus tidbit. Surprisingly enough, a cemetery was a GREAT place to meet women. The sheer number of women passing through a cemetery was phenomenal (or so Don had discovered). Whether they were grieving for a lost parent, sibling or significant other … they flocked there. Don was just the worm to lure them down from their mourning roosts.

This one had traveled all the way from China to mourn a long distant acquaintance … some penpal or other. She was beautiful in a Ming Dynasty kind of way. Orientally exotic.

Don decided to attempt something he didn’t often attempt – the straight to the point method. He wanted to see if his mojo had returned. If she ran, he knew that he would probably need to seek professional help.

Don’s heart seized for a bit when he saw her facial expression …

But when she smirked at him and told him that he was smooth … very smooth … without smacking him or yelling at him, or running away, he knew that his mojo had returned. He flirted with her for a good ten minutes after that, as a matter of fact. She ate it up like candy …

… before she had to run. No, she wasn’t running away from Don (not this time). She had lost track of time and needed to rush back to her hotel before heading out to the airport. She was flying back to China that evening. Of course, she wouldn’t dream of leaving the country without giving Don some sort of assurance of her interest. She slilpped him her email address as well as her digits. With a Don Lothario smirk, he tucked the slip of paper deep in his pocket with intentions of emailing and calling her later. Maybe he could figure out a way to get her to invite him to her homeland … so she could take him sightseeing … or something.

Feeling high on life, Don decided to explorer the Specter mausoleum. If he was going to work there, even if it was only for the short term, he really needed to get to know the place. Considering that it was broad daylight, he figured he’d be safe from anything … “supernatural”.

He was wrong.

Luckily … not DEAD wrong … just … slightly-crispy wrong. Deciding that being extra crispy was no way to impress anyone, he decided to head home to get cleaned up. As the taxi rolled through town, his eyes lit upon the local gymnasium. With sudden inspiration, he directed the cab driver to take him to the gym. The gym was another ideal place where women flocked. They were always trying to keep themselves in shape to attack men like Don. Who was he to deprive them of the experience that was him? And with showers readily available, he knew that he would be smelling nice and delectable to the ladies sweating out their pheromones. They’d be ripe for the taking.

Ahhh … now here was someone that Don would not pass up … not for a million years. Here was a spry older woman. He’d watched her working out for a while, watched her interact with other people, watched her lift a couple of wallets.

If he played his cards right … maybe he could get in on the action. Someone as wizened as the old lady, he figured she probably had a large stash, horde, treasure trove somewhere. And it was a bonus that she wasn’t hard on the eyes either. If she was still working out at her age, she probably still had lots of stamina. More the better for Don who had a rather vigorous appetite in the sack.

“You are quite the lovely lady, Ma. May I call you Ma?” came his smooth-as-Lothario voice as he smiled and arched an eyebrow at her flirtatiously.

“You can call me anything you like, sweet cheeks,” she smirked at him. Even bigger bonus, she seemed to be the kind of woman who knew exactly what she wanted and went after it with both barrels blazing. Don liked that.

“How old are ya, Ma? Twenty? Twenty-five? Your skin looks like it could be as smooth as a butterfly’s wings.” He poured on his charm. She would be helpless to resist its power.

“Boy, I like you. You could probably make this old girl blush!” came her loud guffaw. With those words, she pulled him into a tight hug, much to Don’s surprise, and enjoyment.

“You know I’m not telling you anything about yourself that you don’t already know, Ma,” he smiled at her with a wink. And it was that final wink that gave him his “in” with Ma Bagley. If he kept riding it, this horse would probably come in first … and finding a job might not be as much of a necessity as he’d originally thought.

Only time would tell.

11 Responses to “LC-Ch2”

  1. Ewwww. May to December woohoo *gags*. It reminds me of the time I wasn’t paying attention to Pascal Curious when he went to greet Olive Specter and they made out.

  2. DebC said

    Ohhhhhhhh… Don! You sly dawg, you!

    And… after reading the rest of the comments… Pascal & Olive!!!! Grosss!

  3. SuziCat said

    Ah, Don has his mojo back! 😀

  4. ruby said

    *blinks* well now .. goin for the old biddy I see. meh as long as he gets himself a young one to knock up soon! oh like her daughter!!! bwahahahaha

  5. Tracy said

    Go Don! Glad to see his mojo didn’t desert him. lol

  6. Aeronwy said

    “mourning roosts” *cackles* I can’t believe he’s picking up women at the CEMETARY!! Long-distance booty call, eh? Let’s see if you can get something a little closer to home. *grins*

    Ma Bagley? He’s hitting up Ma Bagley? *blinks* I’m not sure who I feel more sorry for, Ma or Don. *shakes her head*

  7. Magic said

    I just gagged. Ma Bagley? Eww. He’ll need to get drunk before going any farther around the baseball field with her, if you know what I mean lol At least his mojo is coming back. It’s hard being the new guy in town. hehe

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