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High End Loft Stuff Items

Posted by LaydeeDragon on February 5, 2010

So there were some ladies who were lamenting the fact that the first Stuff Pack for The Sims 3 (High End Loft Stuff) failed to give people an item-by-item preview of what’s included under the box so I thought I would take it upon myself to give the ladies what they wanted. I bring you to a quaint little house on some anonymous corner in Sunset Valley where Caso Prueba has been given a couple of “motherlodes” worth to do a commercial for High End Loft Stuff. So … without further ado, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Caso!

Buenas noches, mis amigos! Me llamo Caso Prueba and I have been given liberal leave to acquaint you all with the ins and outs of what you could potentially furnish an unfurnished home with if you were to pack up your familia and travel to sunny Sunset Valley.

In the living room, you should give your Sim more room to breathe by freeing up some square footage. One great way to do that is to choose the Medeamedia Wall TV. The quality of its HD technology matches and surpasses any competing brand, while keeping your room from feeling confining. And while you’re at it, update your gaming system with the best gameplay quality and faster processor of the GUGA JoyToy 3. You never have to worry about this one taking forever to start up.

Or if you prefer something a bit smaller and less “high end” and your Sims love video games and are, in fact, gamers, choose the Console 7 as a great alternative to the GUGA JoyToy 3, or place it in another room! It works very well with the Formfunk T-object. Done are the days of squinting at boxy, cumbersome televisions, so out with the old and in with the new! It’s HD, baby, HD! Today’s hi-def television is bright, clear, and full of color!

With its crisp sound, the BeoWuuf Stack is guaranteed to knock your Sims’ socks off. That is if they turn it up loud enough … and are wearing socks.

Boogie down, bay-bee!

Why stand when you can sit? And why sit on hard wood or lump couches when you can sit on a Slimline Sofa by Svelte Seating that makes you feel like you are sitting on a cloud? Cushiness has never felt so great!

A couch can look lonely without its matching loveseat and chair. The beautiful Slimline Loveseat and Slimline Chair by Svelte Seating gets your Sim’s friends feeling, well, svelte. And classy. And no living room is complete without a glass table to give a space an airy feel to it. With the Glo-Li-La Coffee Table, your Sim has a spot for their tchotchkes without suffering the overwhelming presence of more cumbersome coffee tables.

Are your Sims in oceanography? Any vegetarian Sims sick of seeing fish get eaten by their friends and relatives? Sims can now fill their homes with the life of the ocean thanks to the All my Fishes Aquarium – a 10th Anniversary Gift from the makers of The Sims 3. Catch fish and put them in your aquarium, instead of the fridge. Just don’t forget to feed them and keep the tank clean.

Keep the lights on, but with a soft, warm glow. Lumina Chimes illuminates as much as they mesmerize!

Finish off your Sim’s new room with some classic art to add an air of sophistication. The Psimcasso’s Scenic Circuits provide the aestheticism to make even the most discerning art-lover green with envy.

When it comes to bedrooms and the single Sim, reward them with the standard in single-bed coziness! By tucking into the MonoDreamer by Starloft, your Sim slumbers in the best single bed on the market. If your Sim is, however, NOT single, give your Sims the luxury of never having to think about the comfort of their bed with the DuoDreamer by Starloft (not shown). Its patented ergonomic comfort system is guaranteed to delivery only the sweetest of dreams. And while you’re at it, increase the appeal and allurement of your Sim’s bedroom with the Best Friend Wall Sculpture.

Clothes don’t make the Sim, the dresser does! The hip Outside the Box Dresser makes even the most fashion-challenged Sims feel cooler and more confident. All bedrooms need a matching nightstand and dresser. The Outside the Box End Table is just that. Not only does it match your Sim’s new dresser, it keeps the alarm clock right by their head! Your Sim will wake up on the right side of the bed and never be late with the Right On! Timepiece. The 10th anniversary of The Sims brings excitement and comfort! Relax on a fun bed that is not only comfy, but vibrates, too! Take a load off and enjoy alone or cuddling with another Sim with the Vibromatic LN3000!

Moving on to the bathroom, the Flushmaster Hi-Fi does what it has to do in the classiest, most discreet way possible. The wonderful LeSink Omni gets hot water flowing in no time! It also has a built-in filter that cleans itself! Oh the wonders of water-delivery technology!

It’s one thing to bathe but it’s entirely another thing to soak in pure opulence. The Pythagoras Corner Bathtub is a stylish, rub-a-dub-tub-ing treat!

Occasionally a leisurely bath takes too much precious time. Wash and rinse in efficient fashion with the LaShawn Rain Shower and have your Sim use their extra time to pursue other endeavors.

Not that I would ever have myself filmed while unclothed!

When your Sim is facing a seemingly impossible deadline, the office area is the perfect place for the Don’t Need No Stinking Drawers Desk to pull an all-nighter. Its streamlined design offers very little distraction and it’s drawerless construction keeps your Sim on-task especially with the latest in computer technology – the MindMax Uni-PC 7200. Who doesn’t use a computer nowadays? Your Sims do, that’s for sure! This is the most high-tech computer on the market with never-seen-before optimum performance. Accent your new desk with a matching chair! Nothing beats sitting at the computer in the most comfortable chair you can find, and the Swivel Me Rolling Chair is just the ticket.

Keep in contact when working from home, while keeping with the theme of cool professionalism. The Right On! Cordless Phone keeps you in touch with Sims in-the-know. Just hope your boss doesn’t call too late at night.

Missing the fine print won’t be a problem, thanks to the Lumina Technica. This light keeps your Sim out of the dark and focused on the work to be done.

Make sure your technology-savvy Sims properly store their music and program disks in the Disk Pile Prop. After all, where else can you put this stuff? There aren’t any drawers!

Sure your Sims’ home office is for work, and what’s more work than steady run on a treadmill like the Slimline Axursize? Work up a sweat, work off that extra pizza slice – working out never felt so fun. It’s always nice to take a break from work and get in a good run!

Unless , of course, your Sim is a couch potato.

In the Study is the perfect place for the FormFunk G-Shelf and the FormFunk B-Shelf. Writer? Reader? Turn your Sim’s bookshelf into a work of art, attracting attention to their interests and/or massive collection of books. And while you’re studying, plug in with the Das Kauker, another 10th Anniversary gift from the makers of The Sims Franchise! While Sims may enjoy their acoustic guitar around a bonfire, your Sims can now throw a rockin’ concert in their own home. Teen Sims can drive their parents and siblings crazy with their loud music, while adult Sims can let out their inner hard rocker! Please, note that the Das Kauker is probably not a good idea for beginners or the musically inept. When the neighbors hear the horrible screeching through their recently shattered windows, they won’t think twice about calling the authorities. Acoustic is better to begin with and is much quieter.

Relax and enjoy a good book in a chair that brings a new kind of comfort with the Astro Chair by Out of This World Inc. It’s really hard not to fall asleep in this baby, so it may take awhile for your Sim to finish reading. Keep the light on with the Metallyte Q-Lamp! Reading has never been easier on the eyes, thanks to this bright baby. For Sims who love music, now they can show off their guitar collection. Whether it is their own guitar or that of a famous rock star like the Framed Tom Audio Replica, only your Sim will know.

Going out? Coming in? Enter and exit the loft in grand fashion with the new Steeled Dura-Doors. Just try not to get fingerprints all over it. All doors need matching windows. With the Steeled Dura-Portal, Sims can enjoy the outdoors without actually going outside thanks to these glorious windows. Lounge around outside or just watch the clouds go by reclining in the Astro Lounge Chair by Out of This World Inc. And, with the PebbleStone Fire Pit, a Sim wants to spend more time outside with family and friends. Enjoy the warmth of a crackling fire and toasted marshmallows without ever having to leave the backyard. Have your Sim place some lush flora in the Everything in Place Plant Box, and have that Sim’s deck match their serene style (if they have a deck that is).

Good fences make good neighbors so use the best fence available with the Glassic Fence with its matching Glassic Gate both made by Loftlabs. Maintain your Sim’s privacy while preventing nosy neighbors from prying.

And that ends our little tour. I hope you found all of today’s products to your liking. If you find that any of the items shown today were anything that you feel would make your Sim’s house into a home, then pick up your phone and call 1-843-High-End. That’s 1-843-H…I…G…H…E…N…D where our operators are standing by. This has been Caso Prueba. Buenas Noches, mis Amigos!

This advertisement brought to you by The Sims 3 High End Loft Stuff where most of the above “script” was taken directly from the High End Loft Stuff manual that came with the game disk.

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